Rollin On TVFollowing last week’s coverage expansion announcement, “Rollin’ On TV” (ROTV) said it has added another major television market to its station lineup. Starting Jan. 18, WSYM FOX 47 in Grand Rapids, Mich., will begin airing ROTV on Sundays at 11:30 a.m.

“This is a great time slot for us on WSYM. As with our other FOX stations this time slot is just prior to FOX TV’s  sports coverage which begins at noon on Sundays,” said Executive Director Joe Moniz in a press release. “The Michigan market is a key market for us and with the addition of WACY in Green Bay, Wis., earlier this week.

“Along with our other stations in Indiana, Minnesota and Ohio it helps fill in the whole Great Lakes area which has been one of our goals for some time. As everyone knows, the Great Lakes region is a hot area for camping and RVing and a popular destination area for outdoor related vacations.

Moniz reported that current plans are in the works call for the addition of at least two more stations by the end of this quarter.

For additional information on Rollin’ On TV, visit www.rollinontv.com  or contact Moniz at [email protected].