In a continuing effort to expand and increase Rollin’ On TV’s (ROTV) television and on-line reach to emerging markets, the company announced that all programming will be available with Spanish captioning, beginning the week of April 16.

According to a press release, the Spanish captioning along with the close captioning now offered will also be available on the ROTV website, YouTube and other on-line media sources that currently air the show.

“With the growth of the Spanish/Latino market in outdoor leisure activities, we see this growth as a new opportunity to reach and introduce this mostly untapped market to the RVing camping and outdoor lifestyle,” said Executive Producer Jose Moniz. “We have been looking at this segment for some time but wanted to make sure that when we entered the market, we did it right with the best technology available.

“There has always been voice recognition software available to translate audio files from one language to another, but if you have ever looked at some captioning done on TV, you’ll find words and sometimes sentences that make no sense at all.”

To overcome the translation obstacle, ROTV has been working with its partners at Aberdeen Broadcast Services (Abercap) on a system that allows each show to be physically translated by a professional Spanish speaking translator, and then the audio captioning files are built.

Moniz said, “Of course, there is still the problem of ‘RV lingo,’  meaning there are words, specific to RVing like motor coach where there are is no equivalent Spanish words for, so we have to be creative and work around these challenges. But together with our partners at Abercap, we’re looking forward to it.”

Jayco Inc. has been ROTV’s closed and spanish captioning sponsor for five years, and has been in the forefront of reaching the Spanish market by being one of the first RV manufactures to offer a Spanish option on their website. “We appreciate their loyal support in making this Spanish project a reality,” said Moniz

For more information on Rollin’ On TV or the new Spanish captioning visit the ROTV website at www.rollinontv.com or contact Moniz at [email protected].