“Rollin’ On TV” announced that several of its network affiliate stations and sports networks are now showing episodes as part of their streaming packages.

In the past several weeks, DIRECTV has included ROTV in it’s streaming program service, reported Executive Director Jose Moniz in a press release. “So now, besides watching the show weekly on Direct TV, viewers can also catch the current show and past shows 24/7 on their streaming service,” he said.

Moniz added, “These TV network-streaming services add a whole new dimension and audience base that extends our current cable and satellite coverage to new markets.”

“Rollin’ On TV” now reaches over 40-million homes nation-wide on network affiliate stations and major, regional sports networks on both cable, Dish Network and DIRECTV. With most stations airing the show multiple times each week, ROTV now airs on average 35-times a week across the country and is available 24/7 on the company’s website or YouTube.

For a complete list of our current stations and networks along with air times, visit our web site at www.rollinontv.com