“Rollin’ On TV” announced the largest increase in new station coverage since the launch of the show almost eight years ago.

“One of our longest television media relationships has been with COX Sports TV and individual COX MEDIA stations,” said ROTV Executive Director Jose Moniz. “This relationship dates back to 2000 when COX took a chance on an unknown production company and started airing ‘Boating Today,’ our boating lifestyle show that aired from 2000 through 2008.

“When we launched ‘Rollin’ On TV,’ COX Sports and Cox Media were one of the first networks to pick up the show and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.”

COX Cable / COX Media has combined its local and regional stations into one brand called YUR/VIEW Network, which will carry “ROTV.” The list of stations is extensive, numbering in the dozens, and covers every state that offers the COX Cable system.

Starting March 4, “ROTV” will be adding 17 new YUR/View stations in 14 states with a prime time airing schedule. “This is just the first phase of this COX Network rebranding and we’ll be adding additional states and stations through out the year,” Moniz noted. “We’re updating our website’s TV schedule page now to show a complete list of this new coverage area including states, stations and times.”

For more information visit www.rollinontv and click on the “TV Schedule” link.