In conjunction with the launch of its new website last month, “Rollin’ On TV” (ROTV) is setting up a new method of audience metrics to accommodate the evolving television market and the way viewers watch not just programs, but specific content within the show including branded content and sponsor information.

According to a press release, the way viewers are watching ROTV is rapidly changing beyond just television to include station and network streaming media, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media sites. Also, how viewers choose to watch the show has changed from just TV screens to phones, tablets and computers.

What this means is the old way of measuring a show’s viewing audience has changed dramatically and become more challenging. Rather than just working off Nielson TV viewership numbers, program suppliers like ROTV who deliver programs over various cross-platform systems are now able to take these different sources of viewership information and compile it into one concise report for any show, show segment, promotion or branded feature.

Having the ability to compile all viewer metrics has been one of ROTV’s main goals for some time, the release stated. Only recently have the tools to do this been available to smaller program producers. Now ROTV can track viewers beyond TV exposure’.

Starting in August, ROTV be working with sponsors and partners on specific programs to maximize total viewership across all our media platforms.

For more information about “Rollin’ On TV” visit www.rollinontv.com.