A few weeks ago, “Rollin’ On TV” unveiled its new Limited Branded Sponsorship package.

“We created this package because we continually have companies that want to sign up for our full 30-second Branded Ad packages,” said Executive Director Jose Moniz in a press release. “Unfortunately, due to television restrictions, we only have space for six full-time sponsors and advertisers. We also have companies that want to get all the visibility ROTV has on television and digital media but simply don’t have the ad budget to afford a full-time ad package.

The Branded Sponsor Package allows companies that want the advantages of ROTV’s cross platform media reach to acquire full-time online media exposure on “Rollin’ On TV” and part-time television exposure through branded segments and product features at a fraction of the cost.

“Like our regular full-time ad packages we are limiting the number of Branded Sponsorship packages to six,” Moniz noted. “With two companies already signed on we only have four of these packages available to fill by the end of May. 

For additional information, contact Moniz at [email protected] or call 508-951-5385.