The ROUTE 66 RV Network announced today (Feb. 24) the addition of three new dealerships to its nearly 140 dealership locations in 40 states.

According to a press release, the three new ROUTE 66 RV Network dealers are:

• Rex & Sons RV’s, Wilmington, N.C.

• M&M Camping Center, Trenton, Mich. (south Detroit)

• Bayou Outdoor Supercenter, Bossier City, La. (Shreveport)

“The addition of these three quality dealerships continues to strengthen the network and solidify the promise we make to every ROUTE 66 dealership customer that ‘Wherever the Road Takes You, You Can Count on Us,'” says Dave Francis, a ROUTE 66 partner. “Making and delivering on this promise is very important to our network dealers.”

Comments from the new Route 66 dealers included:

• Travis Creech, operations manager of Rex & Sons stated: “We are most excited about the opportunity we now have to promise our customers that when they visit any ROUTE 66 location nationwide they’ll be treated with the same level of service and commitment they get when visiting us.”

• Mike Ellias, owner of M&M Camping, also sees their participation in ROUTE 66 as a strong competitive advantage, noting: “We can not only give our customers a ‘safety net’ with nearly 140 locations nationwide ready and willing to serve them as they travel, but also enhance our ability to compete by taking advantage of the many exclusive programs the Network offers.”

• Bayou Outdoor’s Chad Brazzel said: “When you look at the map and see who the ROUTE 66 dealers are, it’s some of best independent dealers in America. You’re known by the company you keep, and we’re delighted to be a part of this elite dealer network.”

“With a 90-minute drive-time protected market area there are still a few areas around the country that need a ROUTE 66 dealer,” said Rob Merrill, a partner in ROUTE 66. “The major criteria when we consider a new dealer is do they have a reputation for delivering excellent customer service and are they a full-service RV dealership location.”

For more information on Route 66 contact Rob Merrill or Dave Francis at 913-317-6678.