route 66 logoThe ROUTE 66 RV Network is partnering with Marzahn & King Consulting Inc. to provide monthly Online 20 Groups for member dealers.

“The idea of having ROUTE 66 dealer exclusive 20 groups is not new. It’s been on the table for many years.  What is new is the idea of Online 20 Groups,” said Steve Francis, co-founding partner of ROUTE 66. “Increasing the feedback frequency while decreasing the cost is something many dealer principals are looking for. In addition, we will be bringing into the monthly analytics website and online business performance.  Chuck is a perfect fit for this new model.”

While both ROUTE 66 and Marzahn & King aren’t saying the traditional 20 Group model is broken, they are saying there may be a better approach to gaining the benefits of the 20 Group experience using today’s technology.  They hope to offer all participants in an Online 20 Group the following benefits:

• A forum to address issues and questions every month – not quarterly.

• Reduced participation costs, projected to be about half the total cost of the traditional 20 group.

• Monthly web analytics and ROUTE 66 program analysis.

• No travel costs since participants don’t need to leave their dealership.

• Confidential monthly financial data analysis against shared benchmarks.

• Optional periodic dealership visits at the direction of the members.

Chuck Marzahn, president of Marzahn & King Consulting, believes this new partnership and model could better support the speed at which dealers are required to run their dealership today. This new partnership promises to bring even higher levels of analysis with the web-based platform available to all ROUTE 66 dealers. I couldn’t be more excited. Dealers will find the virtual groups to be faster-paced and more current.  Business happens at a different pace than ten years ago. We must adapt to stay ahead.”    

The ROUTE 66 RV Network has over 150 full-service independent RV dealerships in 40 states and provinces coast-to-coast. With over 40 exclusive dealer programs, ROUTE 66 dealers serve the sales, service and parts needs of North American RVers.

Marzahn & King Consulting provides consulting and training specializing in the RV industry.  To learn more about Marzahn & King visit www.marzahnandking.com.