Route 66 RV Network logoROUTE 66 is introducing what it contends is the first and only “finance protection” program in the RV industry.

ROUTE 66 partnered with Walkaway USA, the administrator of Hyundai Assurance program.

ROUTE 66 Reliance is a program that gives customers increased confidence to purchase and finance a new or used RV from one of the network’s 100-plus nationwide locations, according to a news release.

Every unit purchased with ROUTE 66 Reliance includes an extra measure of security should the unexpected occur.

“If our customer loses their employment up to a full year after their purchase, they simply return the unit to their ROUTE 66 dealer,” explained Rob Merrill, partner in the ROUTE 66 RV Network.  “At the time of purchase, the customer can choose to upgrade to protection lasting for the life of the loan up to 84 months and even add a payment relief option. And when a customer takes advantage of the ROUTE 66 Reliance return program, they’ll suffer no negative impact to their credit rating.

“So much of what ROUTE 66 is about is adding confidence and security our customers. It’s behind our promise, ‘wherever the road takes you, they can count on us’. ROUTE 66 Reliance is just another level of security in these uncertain times.”

Paul Budvitis, president of Dallas, Texas-based Walkaway, USA went on to say, “When we thought to bring our vehicle finance protection products to the RV market, ROUTE 66 was the obvious partner for this exclusive relationship. We knew their reputation for excellence. The whole ROUTE 66 mission is to provide the best value to RV consumers. I’ve personally met many of the ROUTE 66 dealers, I’ve visited their stores. The ROUTE 66 promise is more than a marketing slogan, it’s the way they do business.”

ROUTE 66 Reliance will launch at RV shows across the United States as early as this week. For more information, contact Merrill at (913) 317.6678 or [email protected]