Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA) Executive Director Bill Garpow is hopeful the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) will modify its decision to ban park models from the National RV Trade Show in Louisville beginning in 2005.
“I think cooler heads will prevail,” Garpow said of the RVIA board’s decision last weekend in Arizona.
Garpow added that as of today (March 4), he had not received official documentation from the RVIA related to its decision.
During the RVIA Board meeting last weekend, RVIA Vice President of Meetings and Shows Mary “Mike” Hutya asked for direction from the board on whether park models should continue being allowed at the Louisville Show even though the RVIA no longer represents park model builders.
The subject came up because prior to the Louisville show in December, some park models delivered for exhibition were so big it was difficult fitting them through the doors of the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center (KFEC), the site of the event.
Garpow said one possible solution would be for the RVIA to establish maximum dimensions for units exhibited at the Louisville show. If necessary, RPTIA staff would enforce the RVIA’s regulation, he added.
Another possibility would be for the RPTIA to conduct its own trade show in the Commonwealth Convention Center downtown Louisville at the same time as the RVIA show at the KFEC, on the city’s southside.
By all indications, the downtown convention center would be available on the dates when the RVIA show occurs and the RVIA would not oppose the RPTIA conducting its own show, Garpow said.
This year’s RVIA show is scheduled for Nov. 30 through Dec. 2. Park models will be permitted at this year’s Louisville show.
Last year, nine park model builders exhibited during the show, including RV builders Damon, Forest River and Skyline, Garpow said.
Park model builders are allowed to exhibit a maximum of two units at the Louisville show.