An executive from Nacogdoches, Tex.-based Foretravel Motorhomes Inc. proposed on Wednesday (June 25) the idea of an RV rally park to officials from the east Texas town of Rusk, according to the Jacksonville Daily Progress.
Paul Tinkle, manager of manufacturing operations at highline motorcoach manufacturer Foretravel, said an RV park big enough to accommodate about 100 rigs would aid the economy of Rusk, which is about 30 miles northwest of Nacogdoches.
So far, Rush officials are supportive of the idea of developing some type of RV campground at nearby Jim Hogg City Historical Park. “Some sort of park, whether a traditional (RV) park or rally park is still being discussed,” said Martha Neely, manager of the Rusk Main Street Organization. “So far, I’ve heard several favorable comments on this endeavor.”
Tinkle said most RVers belong to an owners club and most manufacturers have affiliated with owners clubs to maintain some contact with customers.
“We (Foretravel) have about 3,000 units in our club, and we’re one of the smaller fish in a large pond,” Tinkle said. “And clubs are having the same problem now – finding a place to hold their rallies. There is a lot of small mom-and-pop parks around but usually they’re too small for a rally. The market is there, the need is there.”
The closest RV rally park is in Rayne, La., and it brought in $3.5 million worth of sales tax revenue for that community over the last three years, Neely said.