The second annual “RV-C Network Fest,” hosted by the Technical Subcommittee on CAN, will be held during the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) 2008 National RV Trade Show.
According to RVIA, the event will demonstrate the features and benefits of RV-C, an RV multiplexing system designed and approved by RVIA subcommittees.
RV-C compliant devices will be networked together on a common wiring harness so that attendees will be able to observe the results of data signals being broadcast from a central panel to the various devices, controlling their functions and interoperability.
Attendees also will be able to view the diagnostic capabilities of RV-C, which are similar to those seen in all modern automobiles. Service technicians will be able to use a standard tool to download diagnostic information on every RV-C compliant component on the vehicle. This will reduce both time and expense involved in service and repair.
Besides providing diagnostic capabilities, RVIA said the use of RV-C on vehicles adds tremendous flexibility, multi-point control, enhanced automation, increased safety, and simplification of wiring.
“RV-C brings the RV industry into a new era of technological progress and will impact how RVs are designed, manufactured, serviced and enjoyed,” said Bruce Hopkins, RVIA vice president of standards and education. “The Fest is the perfect opportunity for the industry to get a hands-on experience with the system.”
The RV-C Network Fest will take place during show hours December 2-4 in Room C 101 in the South Wing of the KEC. For more information, contact the RVIA Standards Department at (703) 620-6003, ext. 348.