Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.43.34 AMRV Care, Canada’s largest RV dealer network, is introducing its new proprietary line of RV parts and accessories called RV Traveler’s Choice (RVTC).

“As the industry overflows with RV accessories it has become a retail confusion, which leads to misguided information and ultimately skeptical consumers,” said Derek Paterson, business development manager at RV Care, in a press release. Prior to joining RV Care in 2013, Paterson spent 20-plus years in the retail training and buying group environments.

Paterson continued, “RV parts and accessories have fallen directly into the category of must-have products. These same products can be found at all RV dealerships and even in the mass merchant retail channel. Sometimes branded under different names with ranging degrees of suggested retail prices, they are nonetheless, the same. So what it comes down to is, who do you trust, will they provide after‐sale service, regardless of where you travel, and is it a fair price?”

The RV Traveler’s Choice brand was created to bring to market a simple and honest retail approach to very common RV parts and accessories that all RVers want and need. RV Care has developed a trust among consumers and is now implementing an easy product availability approach that will offer every-day fair prices, the company said.

RV Care’s collective buying power positions the group with preferred pricing, which translates into very fair suggested retail price points. Customers buying units and/or RV Traveler’s Choice products from an RV Care dealership will be serviced wherever they travel by any one of the network’s 59 locations across Canada.

“This national coverage aligns perfectly with building consumer confidence and is unmatched in the Canadian RV landscape,” Paterson said.

RV Traveler’s Choice brand of products is currently being introduced across Canada, exclusively available at all RV Care dealer locations.