RV Comfort Systems is marketing its CheapHeat stand-alone electric heating system to RV manufacturers, allowing owners the option to switch from gas to electric as a source to heat their coach.

According to a press release, the CheapHeat product is designed to be a 100% heating system. In most cases, when the RV is plugged to an OEM-recommended power source the owner will be able to use electricity to heat the RV to temperatures as low a zero degrees without any supplemental heat.

The CheapHeat system is UL certified and Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) compliant in both the United States and Canada. It uses a single smart controller that covers all configurations and is available with three different styles of adapters that work with either an Atwood or Suburban furnace.

“When the RVer uses their system it’s not uncommon for owners to go a year or more without having to refill his propane tanks,” said Larry McGaugh, owner of Bothell, Wash.-based RV Comfort Systems.

For more information visit www.rvcomfortsystems.com.