High-end Eucalyptus at Beaumont, billed as California’s ”first and only privately owned RV storage condominiums,” will begin finalizing the ownership paperwork early next week and owners will start parkbeaumont-condo2ing  motorhomes in garages in the $10 million development mid-May.  “Over half of 108 units have already been sold,” said Ted  Deits,  president of 20 Seconds and Building LLC, Huntington  Beach,  Calif., developer of the $10 million project in Beaumont,  Calif.  Deits reported that 200 people attended an open house  March 14-  15 in Beaumont, about 40 miles west of Palm Springs, to  tour the  80,000-square-foot facility on 4 1/2 acres that features garages selling for $57,000 to $187,000 plus a 2,700-square-foot clubhouse, wash area, laundry and showers. Each unit is fully enclosed and equipped with alarms, private electricity and automatic doors. “A lot of snow birds who live in Canada are looking for storage right now,” Deits said. “We have some million-dollar RVs coming in and they want to get out of the heat of Palm Springs.” Deits said he came up with the idea in 2001 while trying to find a place to store his new motorhome when it wasn’t in use. “There were waiting lists everywhere and that continues today,” said Deits, adding that 15 communities in Orange County initially turned down his plan. “The only city that told me the reason was Anaheim and they told me that RV storage is a blight – that RVs are ugly and that a storage facility wouldn’t generate any sales taxes for the city,” Deits said. “These are the same cities that were passing ordinances prohibiting people from parking in front of their own homes.” The firm’s website is www.rvstorage.biz.