The Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence launched the fourth wave of its RV Consumer Satisfaction Study in January.
Nineteen manufacturers recently submitted the required customer data to participate in the 2005 Roper/NOP World Customer Satisfaction Study, and newly revised 12-page motorhome and towable questionnaires were mailed out to 30,000 RV customers in mid-February.
A COE subcommittee met in September to discuss and authorize minor changes in the 2005 surveys, reinstate a one-dollar customer participation incentive and disseminate important information to move the study forward as quickly as possible. Participating manufacturers were given a Dec. 31 deadline to submit all required customer data.
The 2005 Roper/NOP World Study will update similar studies completed in 1999, 2001, and 2003, providing baseline comparisons and valuable trend analysis on consumer satisfaction with the entire RV experience.
It will encompass all 2004 model year vehicles sold before July 31, 2004. Results will once again be proprietary and intended for internal use by participating companies to improve their consumer satisfaction ratings.
A reminder postcard will be mailed out a week after the February questionnaire mailing, returns will be accepted through late March, and results will be presented during Committee Week 05 in early June.