LetsRV-logo-143x145RV Daily Report today (Feb. 19) launched a new consumer-oriented website targeting RV owners and celebrating the RV lifestyle.

LetsRV.com was developed by RV Daily Report Editor Greg Gerber and his business partner, Matt Smith, a web development expert who is also a full-time RVer.

“For years, people have encouraged me to develop a website targeting RV owners and, for years, I have been trying to do it myself,” said Gerber. “But, my vision for a website exceeded my capability to develop it. I even tried to buy an existing site a few years ago, but we couldn’t get that to work to fit the vision either. When I met Matt at a rally of full-time RV owners in 2013, I explained my vision and he immediately grasped the concept, saw the need and went to work making it a reality.”

Like RV Daily Report, Phase One of LetsRV.com will aggregate a variety of content of specific interest to RV owners into one central location. From there, Let’s RV will send out a daily newsletter featuring the best content discovered that day.

“When we started this project, I was absolutely amazed at the sheer amount of quality information available to RV owners, whether it is a video, blog, podcast, dealer website, campground social media page or feature story,” said Gerber. “When looking at this information, it was sad to see that it only had a few dozen or few hundred views.

“People have grown to appreciate how we deliver industry news to RV professionals in a way that allows them to scan various categories to read a headline and story summary so that, within minutes, they can keep abreast of what’s happening in the business side of the RV industry,” he added. “Those who desire more information, can click through to the original source for the complete story.

“I think consumers will appreciate our ability to find relevant information and deliver it to them in a similar manner,” he explained, noting that all stories on Let’s RV can also be shared to a variety of social media outlets.

Similar to RV Daily Report’s Facebook page, Let’s RV will also feature its own social media, including a Facebook page. Assistant Editor Darian Warden will be in charge of social media pages for both sites, linking content from RV Daily Report and Let’s RV to their respective social media platforms.

“Social media is an excellent way for us to reach our readers in a format they are already utilizing on a daily basis,” said Warden.  “By utilizing social media we are only enhancing and improving the experience for those who visit either of our sites. I’m very excited to get the RVing community involved in our new site and with our social media.”

For the full story click here. For more information on Let’s RV, visit www.letsrv.com.