One RV parked in a Livermore, Calif., RV and boat storage facility was slightly damaged when a pilot made an emergency landing in the facility, according to the Contra Costa Times.
The pilot was not hurt and no one on the ground was injured during the incident last Thursday (July 24), the newspaper reported.
The airplane, which was piloted by an aircraft salesman, clipped an RV parked at Ideal Boat and Camper Storage on Tesla Road in Livermore. The newspaper did not describe whether the RV was a motorhome or towable.
A total of 942 RVs and boats are stored at the facility, located northeast of San Jose, the newspaper reported.
The aircraft punctured a 9-inch by 9-inch square hole in the RV.
The pilot was returning home to San Jose from Reno, Nev., when his aircraft lost power. He had hoped to land at the Livermore Municipal Airport and then on a dirt landing strip. Instead, out of desperation, he brought his plane down at the RV/boat storage facility, which has a dirt lane running through the property.
The only casualties were six grape vines on property next to the storage facility, which is in a wine-producing region.