One Indiana RV dealer says that, if nothing else, President Obama’s visit Wednesday (Aug. 5) brings attention to an industry that has a huge economic impact in the state but is often forgotten, according to WISH-TV, Indianapolis.


Ken Eckstein (seated left) and sales staff at Mount Comfort RV

Ken Eckstein (seated left) and sales staff at Mount Comfort RV

Ken Eckstein manages 17 acres of RVs at Mount Comfort RV just east of Indianapolis. Eckstein said he’d welcome a cash for clunkers program for the RV industry. He said he’ll take any help he can get. But if you think Eckstein is down on the RV industry, think again.

“It’s not that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I think we’re out of the tunnel. And for now, it’s just a matter of rebuilding from where we were,”

Eckstein said the motorized market is tough right now, the least expensive model on the lot is just under $49,000. It’s the travel trailers attracting shoppers, he said. Prices for the trailers start at about $10,000 and peak at about $25,000 and that’s where you find customers.

Cinda Brown and her husband rent a condo in Florida every winter. She said, despite the economy, she is shopping. 

“Yeah, that’s a concern. But for what we’ve been paying for a condo down there, I hope this would equalize out a little bit,” said Brown.

Corrie and Chris Carnegie are looking for a 30-foot travel trailer.

“I’ve got a good job. We try and budget our money wisely and it’s something we want to do for our kids,” said Corrie.

Eckstein said RVs have never been an easy sell. Now, he said, it’s back to the basics.

“We’re not looking for outside the box, we’re staying in the box. We’re working very hard at what we do well. We’re trying to stay that and do the best we can,” he said.

Eckstein said the toughest part of the business right now is financing. He said getting loans — even for people who are well qualified — is difficult at best. That’s the area where he’d like to see the president offer some more help.