A “trusted” employee has been accused of taking more than $83,000 from a Toledo, Ohio, dealership over a four-year period and has been indicted by a grand jury.
According to the Toledo Blade, April Farough, 30, is charged with grand theft for the embezzlement that occurred when she was office manager at Campers Choice Inc. Her arraignment in Lucas County Common Pleas Court is scheduled for Jan. 26.
She is accused of taking $83,185 from the RV dealership from 2003 through last year. She took cash withdrawals and wrote checks to herself, said Detective Rob Sarahman of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Department.
Business owner Randy Franklin said Farough, who oversaw the company’s bills and payroll, also overpaid herself. Farough was employed at the business 11 years, starting as a receptionist when she was 19.
Franklin said he trusted Farough, who was like a daughter to him, and couldn’t believe she was capable of doing something like that. Farough could not be reached for comment.
Farough told Sarahman that she took money, but only half the amount she is accused of stealing. She told him that she spent the money on personal needs.
“She does have remorse, and claims she’ll pay it back,” Sarahman said.
Franklin noticed a problem at the end of December when a check did not clear. That was the same time Farough was laid off for a couple of weeks, he said.
The bank notified Franklin, who had it run a monthly report which showed $1,200 in cash withdrawals. Franklin said he doesn’t make cash withdrawals at the bank.
When the bank pulled the withdrawal slips, they had Farough’s name on them. Then, he had the bank pull the whole year.
Franklin said he and his wife spent their New Year’s holiday poring through 2004, 2005, and 2006 information. The 2003 information came later.
“Once I started looking and knew what to look for, it was a very, very big eye-opener,” he said.