A free webinar from the Mike Molino RV Learning Center will explain the importance of implementing a safety culture within a dealership. Regina Metzker, a KPA risk management consultant, will oversee the hour-long webinar scheduled for noon ET on Thursday (April 16).

According to a press release, dealer webinars are provided by RVDA’s strategic partner KPA as part of the array of educational offerings available through the RV Learning Center. Register online.

Dealers who attend will learn the five practices they must put in place to save money in the long haul. The webinar will cover how to keep safety top-of-mind, ways to make safety an employee priority, and methods for creating an effective line of communication about safety issues. Program implementation will be discussed, along with ways to keep policy changes on track.

If unable to attend at the scheduled time or want specific employees to experience this webinar at another time, dealers can register and receive links to the materials for later viewing. Dealers interested in prior webinar topics will find them on the RV Learning Center’s webinar page. On this page dealership personnel can access the recorded webinar and download the slides to learn more about important topics including the Family and Medical Leave Act, Nontraditional Recruitment Strategies for Dealership Hiring, and much more.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Becky Ross at [email protected](866) 356-1735 or Karin Van Duyse at the RV Learning Center at [email protected](703) 591-7130.