RV dealers are among the businesses subject to a new federal record-keeping rule for workplace injuries and illnesses, according to the Indianapolis Star newspaper.

Other businesses impacted include boat dealers, home supply stores, laundry and dry cleaning services, household appliance stores and equipment rental firms.

The federal rule adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) took effect Tuesday (Jan. 1) in 27 states. There are 23 states that operate their own OSHA programs, and they will formally adopt the new rule sometime this year.

However, there are state labor officials advising employers to start following the new guideline now.

The new rule requires employers to inform employees about the internal process to be used to record work-related injuries and illnesses, according to the Star. For many companies, this means training sessions on how to report on-the-job injuries to management.

Meanwhile, employers need to adjust to streamlined reporting forms and provisions that require privacy protection for staff who are sexually assaulted or infected with HIV while on the job.