Continuing toward its goal of providing fresh and unbiased information on the varied aspects of RVing, AmeriGO RV Club announced that it has commissioned Gary Bunzer, the “RV Doctor,” to create a series of 12 informational videos exclusively for AmeriGO RV  Club.

“Making this exclusive digital content available to our members helps us to achieve our goal of being an all-encompassing and modern RV Club. We are dedicated to providing AmeriGO RV Club members with the latest information, via new platforms like online videos, to meet their needs and keep them in tune with current RV industry trends,” said Joe McAdams, chairman of AmeriGO RV Club, in a press release.

For more than 40 years, Bunzer has been an integral part of the ever-evolving RV industry, working closely with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) to provide original content, editing textbooks and other curriculum material. He creates informational videos and technical articles for RV owners, suppliers and manufacturers, as well as content for RV service technician training efforts. Bunzer has also produced, directed and published numerous short, informative RV videos regularly found on YouTube and many other RV-related websites.

His popular column, “The RV Doctor,” has been a continuous monthly publication since 1976. It has been featured in many different consumer RV publications over the years and is currently in Family Motor Coaching Magazine (FMCA) as “House Calls with the RV Doctor.” Comprehensive technical articles, blog posts, videos and product reviews by Bunzer are regularly published in print or on-line.

He is also a regular at RV shows, conducting seminars and workshops that break down the technical aspects of RVing. McAdams noted, “His experience as one of the RV industry’s most sought after speakers at both the trade and consumer levels further positions AmeriGO RV Club at the forefront of the RV industry.”

Members can access Gary Bunzer’s video series exclusively via the AmeriGO RV Club member site. The yearly membership fee is $9.95. Visit www.AmeriGOrv.com for more information or to sign up.