RV Health has launched as a telehealth program that can act as a primary care physician for RVers on the road, according to a press release.

With monthly plans starting as low as $24 a month for the entire family, the program allows RVers access to a team of medical professionals through a virtual clinic, serving as a primary care physician through phone or video consultations. While RV Health is not an insurance plan, it provides network access to health care solutions including prescriptions, vision care, dental, hearing, labs and patient advocacy.

RV Health is also available as an employer-benefit for employers within the RV industry, adding value to existing employee benefit package. By providing access to health care, the program reduces employee absenteeism, increases productivity, and decreases overall healthcare costs to the organization, the release stated.

In addition, RV Health will donate a portion of every monthly membership to the National Park Foundation to support the country’s network of national parks.

For more information, visit RVHealth.com or email [email protected]