An Elkhart, Ind.-based company is launching a new towable RV that is small and light enough to be pulled by a bicycle.

WSBT reported that it’s been two years in the making. Bike Stream RV says the bike-towable RV is large enough to hold one person plus some gear and weighs in at about 70 pounds.

“Just like traditional hard-sided RV is a step up from pop-up campers, let’s say these are as step up from a pop tent and about the same amount of space inside that you are up off the ground,” said Scott Shultz of Bike Stream RV.

“It has all of the things you would find in a traditional RV. It’s got a water supply. It’s got a sink. It’s got a bed. It’s got storage cabinets to keep you gear in, a sky light, ventilation, no air conditioning, no washer and dryer, no toilet,” said Shultz.

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