RV dealers and manufacturers are paying close attention to the sharp increases in gasoline prices that have taken place during the month of August, but no one seems to be sounding the alarm bells just yet.
Gasoline prices rose by more than 15 cents to a national average of $1.72, merely a penny short of the all time high recorded March 21st, according to the Lundberg Survey, which also noted that the mid-August price hike was the sharpest two-week jump in the 50-year history of the survey.
The survey involved about 7,000 gas stations surveyed Aug. 8 and again on Thursday and Friday.
“At this point, availability hasn’t affected our sales,” said Ed Caudill, president and CEO of Riverside, Calif.-based Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. “Temporary gas price volatility may have a short term impact, but the longer term supply of gas seems to be stable. Obviously, we hope this spike in retail prices is short term.”
The steep increases in gasoline prices that have swept the nation this month are apparently due at least in part to refinery shutdowns caused by the recent blackout that affected parts of the East and Midwest. Obviously, the Aug. 8th pipeline burst in Arizona is a contributing factor, according to wire service reports.
Lundberg said the repair of the Arizona pipeline and the drop in demand that typically occurs at the end of summer should result in lower gasoline prices in coming weeks.