The RV industry was the subject of a feature in late September on CNNMONEY, the financial markets-oriented website produced by CNN and Money magazine.
The article, headlined “RVing: Taking your home away from home,” provided detailed descriptions of the various RV product types, along with advice about how to go about buying “the ultimate road trip machine.”
Additionally, a hot link is provided to the Go RVing Coalition’s website, www.gorving.com, so readers can get information about RV dealers, enthusiasts’ organizations and rental opportunities.
The article can be accessed directly by going to the following web address: http://money.cnn.com/2002/09/16/pf/autos/q_rv/index.htm.
There is one mistake in the article. A photo of a truck camper was incorrectly referred to as a Class A motorhome in the caption.
The article’s news peg was the RV industry’s rebound at a time when other travel/vacation industries are suffering.