blue-shield-package-sliderFashioned after the Blue Shield Certified Pre-owned Program exclusively for dealers that was launched several months ago, RV Inspection Connection has opened its Blue Shield program to the private market.

“The top two factors that customers consider a vehicle being a certified pre-owned unit is a thorough inspection and warranty or service agreement,” said Director of Marketing and Sales Todd Henson in a press release, citing 2014 and 2015 Autotrader CPO studies. “What RV Inspection Connection has done is expand their Blue Shield Certified Pre-Owned Program to the private buyer by offering an RV Inspection and service agreement package to qualified RV units.

“What we see is a real need in the private sector, a product that offers customers true peace of mind by providing information and protection against the unknown and unexpected,” said Todd Henson. “Most private buyers do not have the ability to fully inspect an RV themselves and most service contracts offered simply exclude pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, the buyer doesn’t know what problems the RV may have and they will not know what is considered pre-existing until it’s too late.”

Henson said that the company’s initiative provides key information to the RV buyer regarding the condition of the RV while also backing up the inspection with an extended service agreement.

He noted, “Unfortunately there are some units out there that simply don’t meet the requirements to receive an Extended Service Agreement due to their age or depth of repair that will be necessary to bring the unit up to good condition. Our Blue Shield Protection program eligibility is for pre-owned units that are less than 13 years of age and have less than 100,000 miles if motorized.”

The Blue Shield Protection Program is administered by RV Inspection Connection and is available nationwide to private buyers. For additional information e-mail Henson at  [email protected], call 877-540-4272 or click here.