Many students are faced with the decision to either spend money on four years of college or enter an industry like RV manufacturing.

WNDU reported that the RV industry is in need of labor, but leaders say they’re looking for a variety of skill levels.

“I think people have to make a decision of where they want to head in life, and sometimes that’s maybe a couple years of school or one year of higher education or none and enter the workforce,” said Gregg Fore, partner with RVBusiness magazine. “They can do so in the RV industry with not a lot of highly technical skills, but with really great earning power.”

Fore says the RV industry is a place for any skill level and on-the-job training makes it possible for many to enter the field without a degree.

“There’s a great many people that have a lot of success in our industry, in other industries today, who never stepped foot in a college campus,” he said.

For those who are hoping to take steps forward within the industry, technical training is a great option for higher paying positions.

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