With the peer-to-peer renting segment expanding, the RV Lifestyle Blog, Podcast and YouTube Channel has launched an in-depth RV renting school course aimed at helping RV owners navigate the often-confusing ins and outs of renting out their RVs.

According to a press release, the course is broken down into three modules with multiple lessons in each that teach the fundamentals of renting out an RV, choosing the best insurance coverage, marketing a rental RV and vetting potential renters. It also includes membership in a closed community made up of fellow students who can tap into inside information on the ins and outs of RV renting.

Course members also get access to exclusive quarterly webinars with renting, insurance and legal experts as well as longtime successful RV renters who share their knowledge.
Those who enroll in the course are taught how to price their RV out for maximum income and are guided by a case study that shows how renting out an RV is a good way to make the RV literally pay for itself.

“My wife and I bought a Winnebago Travato earlier this summer and in just over a month, made enough money to make all the payments and insurance for nine months,” says Josh Whitford, who coordinates the school. “We did that in 35 days of renting. But best of all is that we can use the RV ourselves whenever we want. But when we are not using it, it is being rented out and making us money.”

Besides the course instruction and the case study, students also receive a special guide on how to select, buy, and pay for an RV by negotiating the best price from a dealer.

“There are a lot of people who really want an RV but they are waiting to do it ‘someday,’ when everything is lined up just right,” says Mike Wendland, who with wife, Jennifer, is a major RV Lifestyle influencer through their various platforms. “The problem us, ‘someday’ may never come. Things are never just right. But by renting out an RV when they are not using it, thousands of RVers have been able to make ‘someday’ happen right now. Others have been so successful with renting one RV that they have purchased several more and developed fulltime businesses around renting out multiple RVs.

Whitford added, “I think that is something we would consider doing,” he said. “I met one woman who has four RVs that she rents out. I am amazed at the demand there is for RV rentals. The phone is always ringing.”

More details are available in the RV Renting School at https://rvlifestyle.com/rentingschool. Those who enroll by Oct. 1 and use the code “Launch” will get $100 off the cost of the course. It’s backed by a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.