Darryl Searer

Darryl Searer

At its recent RV/MH Heritage Foundation Inc. board meeting, Darryl Searer was re-elected treasurer and also elected chairman. Searer also serves as president.

In addition, the board elected three new members to the board of directors and also elected its executive committee, according to Searer, president.

The new board members include:

• Ellen Kietzmann, Blue Ox, (RV)

• Betty Whittaker*, Secretary, Kentucky Manufactured Housing (MH)

• Tom Walworth*, Statistical Surveys Inc. (RV)

(* Asterisk indicates members on the board’s executive committee)

“The RV/MH Hall of Fame is just completing the most successful year in its history,” Searer said. “We welcome these new board members who will join the existing board in helping us meet the challenges as we move forward and take the Hall of Fame to even higher levels of success.”

Filling out the Hall’s board include the following returning members:

• Darryl Searer*, Chairman /Treasurer, RV/MH Hall of Fame/Ultra-Fab Products Inc. (RV).

• Joe Stegmayer*, vice chairman, Cavco Industries Inc (MH).

• Barry Cole*, Immediate Past Chairman, MH Insurance Services (MH).

• BJ Thompson*, BJ Thompson Associates (RV).

• Jim Scoular*, Jimsco (MH).

• Gary LaBella*, Retired former vice president RVIA (RV).

• Don Magary*, Web Site Management/RV News Magazine (RV).

• John Evans, E & R MH/RV Window Service (RV MH).

• Leo Poggione, Craftsman Homes Inc. (MH).

• Bob Livingston, Trailer Life, Motorhome Magazine (RV).

• Ron Younkin, Greenlawn Companies (MH).

• Mike Schneider, MAS Associates (RV).

• Dick Jennison, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) (MH).

• Mark Wasson, Bluelinx Corp. (RV MH).

• Mick Ferkey, Greeneway RV (RV).

• Dana Nelsen, RV Pro Magazine (RV).

• Beverly Gardner, RVBusiness Magazine (RV);
The following members retired from the board having served their terms.

• Ross Kinzler, Wis. Housing Alliance (MH).

• Raymond Padgett, Blue Ox (RV).

• Bill Garpow, retired RPTIA association executive (RV).

• Bob Fields, Aridian Technology Co. (RV).

• Jay Hesse (deceased), Blue Ox (RV).

Staff members include:

• Darryl Searer, president.

• Jeff White, vice president, operations.

• Judy Jankowski, vice president, development.

• Susan Weaver, event coordinator.