An online campground reservation service by RV Nation Inc. will be ready in a few weeks to accept reservations from RV enthusiasts and other campground customers, according to Robert Bouse, executive vice president of the Lakeland, Fla.-based company.

Campground operators wanting to attract customers through the RV Nation Web site, www.rvnation.com, must submit their inventory to RV Nation so potential customers could learn about their facilities and possibility make a reservation while viewing the Web site.

Campground operators can submit their inventory information to RV Nation online, through rvnation.com, by phone, e-mail or regular mail. RV Nation’s toll free phone number is 877-817-2267 and the e-mail address is [email protected]

So far, about 500 campgrounds have signed up, Bouse said.

Campground operators have been able to submit their inventories through rvnation.com since March 15 and Bouse, said, “We will be changing the front page of the site in the next couple of weeks to focus on customers. Campgrounds will still be able to access the system via the site, but the primary focus of the site will be on assisting customers in making reservations.”

RV Nation does not require an exclusive agreement and it allows campground management to dedicate the number of sites available through RV Nation every minute of every day, giving operators total control, Bouse said.

In exchange for listing on the site, reservations made through RV Nation cost the campground a 10% fee off the top. RV Nation receives payment up front from the consumer and makes a direct deposit to the park the day before the RVer is scheduled to arrive, Bouse said.

The company, previously associated with Adventure Outdoor Resorts and Adventure Camping Network, has nine years of experience taking reservations, and has learned what is the most workable operation, Bouse said.

RV Nation hopes to eventually sign up to 4,000 campgrounds. “Once we’re up and running, we expect other campgrounds to join,” Bouse said.