Jason Wyatt nabbed one of his greatest prizes on the back roads of rural Georgia. At a regional wholesaler near where he hitched up his 42-foot recreational vehicle, he spotted Char-Broil grill covers for $4 a piece. Wyatt, a 38-year-old former aviation electronics technician, knew he had a score.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Wyatt talked the salesman down to less than $2 each, hauled away 150 grill covers — his truck-bed sagging under the weight — and made a handsome four-figure profit by reselling them on Amazon.com.

“I saw they were selling for $28 on Amazon, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to have to buy them all,” he said.

Wyatt is one of the adventurous road warriors who have ditched their permanent addresses in order to tour the country in RVs, financing the nomadic lifestyle by hunting for odds and ends in small-town stores and garage sales and selling them for a profit online.

They are traveling salespeople for the digital age. These deal hunters use barcode-scanning and price-comparison apps to calculate their expected profits and turn their RVs, some the size of Manhattan apartments, into mobile retail-distribution centers, sometimes with children in tow.

Jerry Siegel, a 65-year-old Bend, Ore., native, has rigged his 37-foot trailer with six computers he and his wife use to list merchandise on Amazon’s site, as well as to manage his new line of private label skin-care products and 3-D printed goods. The former heavy-equipment driver estimated he logged about $100,000 in sales in his best year but didn’t say what his net profit was.

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