Strong RV wholesale shipments are giving the RV industry plenty of reasons to rejoice. For RV manufacturers and suppliers, it also brings the need to step up production and hire more workers.

As reported in the latest issue of RVIA Today Express, recruiting skilled job candidates is no simple task. It can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to discover and recruit new talent, which is why many professionals are turning to performance-based online recruiting solutions.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), recognizing this challenge, has already embraced such innovative staffing solutions by partnering with online recruitment leader CareerCo to power the entire industry’s staffing needs by providing a risk-free, performance-based system to recruit and hire for a variety of positions. Through an effective career advisor system and a frictionless payment system, CareerCo offers a proactive approach to finding talent that’s risk-free and ROI-focused.

The big benefit: Because there are no up-front costs, and you only pay for quality applicant prospects, you can reduce your cost per hire. In addition, there are no long-term contracts to worry about. CareerCo screens candidates so you can focus on only those candidates matching your qualifications. You get to manage your hiring process in an easy, affordable way that will not inundate you.

Here are some ways to make performance-based recruitment work:

• Explore the road less traveled. Finding the right employees might require you to go outside your immediate geographic area. Using geo-targeting in your candidate search can help you zero in on a particular zone of talent.

• Market your open positions effectively. Casting a wider net to allow candidates without industry-specific experience but relevant skill sets is a great way to broaden your talent pool.

• Map your candidate’s hiring journey. Getting the most out of a pay-for-performance service depends on how efficiently you follow up with candidates. Whether you have a dedicated HR person to handle recruitment and hiring, or if that task falls to someone who already manages a dozen other things, having a real-time plan in place for when applications come in is key.

• Build a strong employer brand. Once you begin conversing with strong prospects, a transparent hiring process, a detailed orientation and training program that acclimates new hires and makes them feel welcome, followed by opportunities for advancement and internal promotions will help you hire and retain them. Eventually, industry word of mouth will help you attract the brightest talent to apply for your positions.

In a business that’s so dependent on having a skilled workforce that can work together so that production levels meet demand, having the right team is essential. Help drive your recruitment success by contact CareerCo’s Maryellen Adams at (718) 307-6258.