A supplier’s difficulty in delivering thermostats for RV ovens on time apparently is forcing several RV manufacturers to delay shipments of their finished units to dealers, according to the Elkhart (Ind.) Truth.
However, the shortage may be over around Christmas, said Elvie Frey Sr., president of SunnyBrook RV Inc., the Middlebury, Ind.-based RV manufacturer of travel trailers and fifth-wheels, who was quoted by The Truth.
Other sources tell RV Business, on the other hand, that the shortages – which are causing serious manufacturing roadblocks for some companies – could last at least two months longer than that.
The shortage arose because the gas oven thermostat supplier, Harper-Wyman, moved one of its factories to Chattanooga, Tenn., from Princeton, Ill., in March. “In the move, they lost efficiencies and trained help,” Frey told the newspaper.
Consequently, Harper-Wyman got behind in shipping thermostats to RV oven manufacturers Atwood, Magic Chef and Suburban.
As a result, the oven suppliers are “distributing a percentage so everybody gets a little but nobody gets everything,” Frey said. “We get a third of the ovens we should be getting.
“We have over 100 units waiting for ovens to be shipped,” Frey told The Truth. “That’s a week-and-a-half of production. It’s a big deal that could affect the last quarter numbers, especially the December numbers.”
Frey added that he spoke with all three oven suppliers during late November and, at that time, they hoped to get back on track by mid-December. “They’re talking about Christmas before it (the oven shortage) will go away,” he said.