A recent survey of consumers owning model year 2000 motorhomes and towable RVs revealed that more than three-quarters of them are highly satisfied.

Almost 12,600 RV owners responded to the survey that was commissioned by the Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence and was conducted by market research firm Roper Starch Worldwide.

The survey, which involved the mailing for 30,000 questionnaires to RV owners last February, found 78% of the RV owners who answered feel that they are either “completely satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their overall RVing experience. Only 4% of the respondents stated they are either “not very satisfied” or “not at all satisfied.”

The RV owners who were surveyed bought their model year 2000 units prior to July 31, 2000.

Meanwhile, overall satisfaction with the RVing experience increased 10 percentage points among the owners of towable RVs and by six percentage points among the owners of motorhomes, when compared with the results of the coalition’s first survey of RV owners conducted during 1999.

However, the percentage of RV owners saying that they are likely to buy another RV was lower earlier this year than was the case in 1999. Roper Starch attributes the decline to consumers being more worried about the outlook for the economy than they were two years ago.

Nearly 60% of motorhome owners and 70% of towable RV owners who were surveyed said they would buy another RV.