The RV industry is maintaining strong overall consumer satisfaction levels, reveals a recently released study of 8,300 RV owners commissioned by the Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence, according to a statement issued today (June 27) by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and survey firm RoperASW.
The 2003 RV Consumer Satisfaction Survey, conducted by RoperASW, updates similar studies completed in 1999 and 2001, providing baseline comparisons and valuable trend analysis on consumer satisfaction with the entire RV experience. Respondents purchased 2002 model year RVs prior to July 31, 2002.
Satisfaction with the overall RVing experience continued strong for motorhome and towable owners during the past two years, according to the 2003 study. Almost three-fourths of motorhome owners and just over eight in 10 towable owners are “completely”/”very satisfied” with their overall RVing experience. Less than one in 10 in either group are “not very”/”not at all” satisfied.
Recent buyers of new RVs also report high levels of satisfaction with the products overall. In fact, only 6% of motorhome and towable owners indicate dissatisfaction, reflecting no significant change from 2001, according to the study.
Looking ahead to the future, high participation levels are expected to continue among RV owners. Nearly all towable owners (97%) and motorhome owners (96%) intend to continue RVing over the next five years.
Moreover, six in 10 motorhome owners and just over seven in 10 towable owners say they will buy another RV in the future. The number of new RV owners that definitely or probably will purchase another RV grew in comparison to 2001.
The research is part of an industrywide effort to deliver world-class travel and vacation experiences to new and current RV owners.
Designed as a “self-assessment” of consumer satisfaction with the entire RV experience, the research provides valuable feedback to manufacturers, dealers, and campgrounds on what drives both satisfaction with and loyalty to the RVing experience.
The 2003 study also confirms new RV owners are very satisfied with the dealership sales process. In fact, consumer satisfaction grew five percentage points among towable owners and four percentage points for motorhome owners over the past two years.
Satisfaction with RV dealers for service and repair has increased or remained stable since 2001. For towable owners, service ratings have jumped from 69% to 73% overall, continuing an upward trend since 1999. Fewer than one in five motorhome owners (19%) and one in eight towable owners (12%) report some level of dissatisfaction with overall dealership service experience.
Three-quarters of RV owners also expressed high levels of satisfaction with the commercial campgrounds last visited. Only about 5% of motorhome and towable owners expressed some level of dissatisfaction with their last stay at a commercial campground.
“The industry is to be commended for its long-term commitment to improving RV consumer satisfaction,” said Go RVing Committee on Excellence Chairman Jim Sheldon, who also is a special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp. “We will not be content, however, with maintaining the status quo. Numerous efforts are ongoing in all industry segments and more are being planned to help raise the bar on satisfaction and deliver current and future owners with a first-class RV travel experience.”
A total of 30,000 questionnaires were mailed to customers in February for the 2003 study, which was expanded to cover new research topics and achieved a 29% response rate. Comparisons in the survey report are statistically significant at a 95% confidence level.
A 2003 Topline Results summary of the 2003 RV Consumer Satisfaction Survey containing overall measures since 1999 is available free upon request to members of the RVIA, Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association and National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds.
In addition, a Total Results report will be available in late July for a fee of $250 upon execution of a confidentiality agreement between the purchaser and Go RVing. To place an order, call RVIA at 1-800-336-0154, ext. 311.