Zoning officials in the Mississippi Gulf Coast community of Harrison County postponed a decision on a proposal to regulate RV parks after hearing RV park operators complain about a provision that would limit stays to a maximum of six months, according to The Sun Herald of Gulfport, Miss.
The president of the Harrison County Planning Commission said Thursday (Nov. 13) the six months’ maximum stay provision was included in the proposed ordinance because “there are RV parks around here that have people who have lived there for years and years.”
But as Dean Wilson, the attorney representing Five Star RV Parks, said, “These long-term RVers who stay for months at a time bring a lot of money into the economy.”
One RV park owner, Bill Price, said during the hearing Thursday he has a customer who stays year-round because he get treatments for cancer at a nearby Veterans Administration hospital. “Are you going to ask him to leave,” Price said to the Planning Commission.
The commission decided to postpone its vote so it could have more time to speak with RV park owners.
A possible alternative is to develop a separate ordinance regulating “RV residential parks,” the facilities where RV enthusiasts buy their own lots for extended stays, said Patrick Bonck, the county’s zoning administrator.