The most outspoken supporters of the development of an RV campground in Minturn, Colo., were defeated in the town election on Tuesday (April 6), according to theVail (Colo.) Daily News.
Mayor Earl Bidez and Councilman Ron Spohrer were defeated on Tuesday by candidates who are opposed to the RV park development plan, which would have been financed by taxpayers money.
Another RV park supporter, Randy Milhoan, who was challenging an incumbent council member, also was defeated.
Bidez, who had recruited developer Rocky Mountain RV Resorts for the project, was defeated by former mayor Hawkeye Flaherty.
Rocky Mountain RV, which has developed RV campgrounds in other Colorado communities, had planned a facility with 100 spaces for RVs and 40 cabins.
Bidez had promoted the RV park as an economic development tool intended to bring more tourists, and money, into the tiny town.
However, a majority of voters on Tuesday were skeptical whether the RV campground would generate an adequate return on investment.
As Mayor-elect Flaherty said, the election was over “whether people wanted an RV park or not.”
Another voter told the Daily News that, after months of controversy over the RV campground proposal, now is the time “to redirect Minturn’s energies.”