The University of Georgia recently banned RV parking on campus, which created a pain in the neck and wallet for Georgia Bulldog football fans wanting to tailgate before the games, according to the Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald.
However, the parking ban has bred a crop of entrepreneurs willing to let RVers park on their property for a fee, the newspaper reports.
As many as 400 RVs have been driven to Athens by fans of the university’s football team, and there is no shortage of business owners who would like to rent out their parking lots on game days.
One company, Prestige Parking Inc., lets RVers park for $50 on game days on one of its lots near the campus. The lot has space for 20 RVs.
Meanwhile, Prestige charges a fee of $10 for cars parked on game days in the same lot.
Prestige also has 90 RV parking spaces available on the parking lot of an abandoned Kmart, and it provides a shuttle bus to the stadium for its customers.
The owner of Prestige told the newspaper that several Athens business owners have asked him to send his overflow their way so they can make a buck off tailgating RVers.
The university’s Athletic Department banned RVs from campus because new building construction eliminated around 1,400 surface parking spaces and 5,500 new seats were added to the stadium, creating the need for 1,200 more automobile parking spots, the Banner-Herald reports.