A referendum calling for severe limitations on RV parking was approved Tuesday (Nov. 5) by voters in the Orange County, Calif., town of Fountain Valley, The Orange County Register reported.
The referendum supports a proposed ordinance that would require RV owners to get police permission to park their motorhomes or towable RVs along a street for up to 36 hours. Otherwise, all RVs longer than 22 feet, wider than 82 inches and weighing more than 10,000 pounds must be left in a storage yard.
The approval of the referendum was “the best news I’ve heard for four years,” said Ken Witthoff, a supporter of the proposed ordinance who was quoted by The Register. “I think it was the right decision for the aesthetics and safety of the city.”
Meanwhile, Lordes Peterson, an RV owner and opponent of the measure, said passage of the ordinance would cost the city thousands of dollars to post no-parking signs and would hurt senior citizens, who often cannot afford RV storage lot fees, she told the newspaper.
“If nothing else, we can keep our (RV) at the side of the house,” Peterson added.
California law already limits the curb-side parking of all vehicles for up to 72 hours.