In an effort to overturn a city-imposed ban on RV parking in residential areas, thousands of RVers in Thousand Oaks, Calif., banded together to lobby the City Council.
According to the Ventura County Star, more than 135 RVers presented their argument to a Residents Roundtable, a group charged with making recommendations to the City Council.
The committee agreed to make four recommendations to the City Council this week in an effort to help resolve a longstanding RV parking issue, including:
* Keep the current restrictions.
* Allow parking in side yards but require setbacks from the fence in some instances.
* Allow parking in side yards without requiring a set-back.
* Allow limited storage in side or rear yards.
Many people have stored RVs and boats in their side yards for years without knowing they were breaking the city’s codes.
In much of the community, residents are allowed to park RVs on the street and in their driveways for up to 72 hours. But the city’s rules generally prohibit parking in the side yards, even if the RV is not visible from the street.
“There is nothing you or the city can do to reverse this situation,” said resident Bob Boyle. “The horse was let out of the barn 30 years ago. Thousands of RVs and trailers are stored in the yards. They’re already there.
“We’re asking you to do the right thing rather than support the impossible dream of ridding the city of a lifestyle enjoyed by many,”
For years, the council has grappled with the question of parking. Earlier this year, the council directed the residents group to study the issue and make recommendations. Council members urged the group to find compromises.
Those who oppose changing the codes have argued that RV owners should store their vehicles on separate lots, saying they are unsightly additions to the neighborhoods. They have raised concerns that changing the codes could mean decreased property values.
The city has also moved forward with plans to build an RV lot on six acres on Lawrence Drive. By building a storage structure, the city will add about 225 RV spaces. Many of the storage lots in the area are nearly filled to capacity.