Voters in Fountain Valley, Calif., will decide in a referendum on Nov. 5 whether to ban the parking of RVs along the Orange County community’s streets, The Orange County Register reported.
Under the terms of the proposed ordinance, RV owners would need the police permission to park their motorhomes or towable RVs along a street for up to 36 hours. Otherwise, all RVs longer than 22 feet, wider than 82 inches and weighing more than 10,000 pounds must be left in a storage yard.
The controversy over RV parking in Fountain Valley “has simmered for 20 years,” The Register reported. And it has “sparked so much fighting between RV owners and RV haters that the City Council earlier this year backed off from passing a parking ordinance and punted the measure to voters.”
Enthusiasts view their RVs as a “symbol of American success” while detractors think RVs are a “tacky blight on their streets,” the newspaper reported.
Fountain Valley is not the only town in Orange County where the RV lifestyle has both supporters and opponents. But because there are so many political jurisdictions in Orange County, there now is a “patchwork of laws (that has) sown confusion among RV owners and fueled bitter debate when new rules are proposed,” the newspaper reported.
Mission Viejo has “virtually banned RVs” while Buena Park does not regulate them at all, The Register reported.
The Costa Mesa Council voted last month to limit RV parking along its streets to 48 hours and San Juan Capistrano approved a similar ordinance in May, The Register reported.
But many residents of the city of Orange are demanding that their City Council candidates agree to scale back the local RV parking ordinance, if they are elected.
California law limits the curb-side parking of all vehicles up to 72 hours.
Good Sam Club’s Parking Rights Council Chairman Gil Gilbert calls local Orange County RV parking restrictions “discriminatory,” according to The Register. Good Sam members are urged to leave their rigs in storage yards and obey California’s 72-hour limit, Gilbert told the newspaper.