RV Power Products Inc., Vista, Calif., a supplier of AC-powered charging systems for the RV marketplace, will change its name to Blue Sky Energy Inc. effective Saturday (Nov. 1), according to Richard Cullen, president.
“We believe our new name will be more reflective of the products we produce and the industry we serve,” Cullen said. “Existing RV Power Products customers can be assured that Blue Sky Energy will continue to deliver the same quality products and service by the same customer-oriented staff they have come to expect.”
Cullen added that the name change was timed to coincide with the introduction of the company’s new IPN-based Solar Boost product line.
RV Power Products has supplied the RV market since 1993, but with the introduction during 1998 of the original Solar Boost 2000 charge controller, featuring the patented Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the company’s focus changed, he said.
While Blue Sky Energy will continue to support the RV industry with solar charge controllers, the company also produces a variety of charge controllers for industrial applications, homes, boats and telecommunications, both on and off the power grid.
Although the company will have a new name, all product part numbers, agency listings, specifications and warranty coverage will remain unchanged.
Blue Sky Energy will maintain the RV Power Products website and e-mail addresses will be unchanged, although it will create a new website: www.blueskyenergyinc.com.
For more information, contact Melanie Cullen, vice president of operations and marketing, at (760) 597-1642, ext. 101, or by e-mail at: [email protected]