The general manager of a Mesa, Ariz., RV resort applied his skills learned as a former Navy Seal to help a Boy Scout troop survive the elements after being snowed in during a hike in the Superstition Mountains.
According to a report in the East Valley Tribune, Mesa, the group was forced to halt their six-mile hike after running into three feet of snow.
Jim Beach of the Mesa Spirit RV Resort kept the nine boys, aged 11 to 13, huddled together to keep warm for over 24 hours in the freezing temperatures while leader David Perkins and another adult hiked back to the cars and placed calls for help.
The newspaper reported that despite the conditions, no one was injured.
The troop started hiking last Friday (March 10) evening before the sudden storm hit the area. When the Scouts woke up Saturday, they were wet, cold and deep in snow.
“We were scared of being cold, so we had to get off our wet clothes and stay as warm as we could,” said Tyler Rowley, 11. “We didn’t know what to do. We thought we were going to die.”
Just before noon, helicopters airlifted the group to rescue vehicles.
Kyle Rowley, father of Tyler, said that Beach “saved those boys’ lives.”
“There were no injuries and no frost-bitten feet,” Perkins said. “They learned what they were capable of on this hike. They will look back on this later in life and realize when they encounter something difficult that they have the strength to handle it.”