A small California town has become a center for commercial development, including a 16-acre RV resort slated for opening in August.
According to the Lodi News-Sentinel, ever since the Flying J Travel Plaza sprang up across from Flag City four years ago, new commercial developments have been drawn to the area.
A three-story, 58-room Best Western hotel with an indoor pool will open its doors to Interstate 5 truckers and motorists this summer. And on a dirt lot east of the new hotel, a red, white and blue sign announces the opening of the Flag City RV Resort.
The RV park will feature 180 RV sites, a pool, spa, clubhouse and several buildings for restrooms and laundry facilities. The facility also will include three acres of grassy land and offer cable TV and Internet access, according Cecil Dillon, whose firm is heading up the project.
Across the street from Flag City, Flying J general manager Shawn Baker finds himself in a perplexing position. The RV park would likely boost the number of visitors to his gas pumps when it opens, but the high gas prices forecast for the summer driving season could make many RV owners think twice before heading out on the road.
Still, Baker said he expects a rise in Flag City visitors when the RV park opens. “I think that will really increase our RV customers,” Baker said.
Dillon said he expects additional service-oriented businesses will be interested in Flag City after the opening of the RV park and he’s not worried gas prices will affect tenancy .
“We all complain but we still drive,” Dillon said.