Although certain RV manufacturers and lenders have recently reported that the RV retail market cooled-off during April and May, Statistical Surveys Inc. reports the retail market was relatively hot during March.

Retail sales of towables increased 11.6%, or 2,133 units, in March, Statistical Surveys reported.

Meanwhile, motorhome sales at the retail level increased 8%, or 432 units, during March, according to the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based independent market research firm.

During the first quarter of this year, retail sales of towables were up 11.9%, or 4,227 units, when compared with the first quarter of 1999, Statistical Surveys reports. Included in the total are around 800 units sold to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for use as temporary housing by disaster victims. However, if the 800 FEMA units were excluded, retail sales of towables would still be up 9.6% during the first quarter.

Motorhome sales were up 6%, or 752 units, during the first quarter.