RV Safety logoThe Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) announced the RV Lifestyle, Education & Safety Conference to be held in Bowling Green, Ky., June 3-6.

RVSEF said in a news release it is honoring the late Gaylord Maxwell, founder of the Life on Wheels program, by continuing the excellent program he started.

The RVSEF conference is a unique education opportunity for current and potential RV owners to learn about all aspects of RVing. There is also a plan to hold a mini maintenance course for those RVers who want to become more comfortable with the operations of their RVs as well as learn some hands on maintenance. Hands on driving will also be available.

This conference will allow consumers to learn about the RV lifestyle, to learn how to select the right RV for them, understand operation and maintenance of different components of their rigs, provide an opportunity to complete the RVSEF Driver Safety Program and receive a certificate of completion for a possible insurance discount. In addition, participants will be able to develop camaraderie with fellow RVers all in a college-like atmosphere.

For more information, visit www.rvsafety.com or call (321) 453-7673.