RV sales are booming along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, according to the dealers interviewed recently by the Sun Herald of Biloxi, Miss.
“The popularity is definitely increasing,” said Candi Cavagnaro, a saleswoman at Reliable RV Sales in Gulfport, Miss. “Every year it’s doubled itself. It slacked off for a while when the economy took a dip, but ever since then, it’s come back strong.
“And it’s not just older people anymore,” Cavagnaro added. “It’s young people with children.”
Another Gulfport dealership, Gold Coast RV Center, opened only 18 months ago, but it achieved $6.3 million in sales revenue in 2003, owners Jenni and Mike Gazzea told the Sun Herald.
They experienced a brief slowdown in sales before the start of the Iraq war a year ago, but sales have picked up steadily since then.
Jenni Gazzea said her dealership’s service and parts departments turned out to be “a big profit center” with snowbird customers from the North accounting for a significant portion of the parts and service volume.
She has also seen people in the medical profession and construction industry buy RVs for use as temporary housing when their jobs take them away from their permanent homes.
People are buying RVs for use during family reunions, baseball tournaments and other gatherings, in addition to long-term vacation stays in campgrounds in places such as Florida and South Texas, Gazzea added