Michigan supplier Grand Packaging Inc. today (Nov. 28) introduced the first, compact, deep-heat sauna unit specifically designed for recreational vehicles during the 44th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.
The Grand RV Sauna is installed in an area the size of an average RV closet and uses a self-venting, infrared dry-heating element as a safe alternative to traditional fire or steam-heated saunas. Its quick-heating technology creates an environment of up to 150 degrees F. in approximately 15 minutes, and auto-venting double French doors ensure minimal heat loss during use. When not in use, the sauna unit easily converts to a convenient storage space.
The Grand RV Sauna is being exhibited at the Louisville Show in a number of 2007 models by DoubleTree (Mobile Suites and Elite fifth-wheels), Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc. (Grand Junction Series fifth-wheel), Gulf Stream Coach Inc. (Tour Master Class A) and Chariot Eagle Inc. (recreational park trailers) s.
“RV owners place a high value on luxury and relaxation during their leisure experiences,” said Andre Levesque, president of Grand Packaging, based in Wayland, Mich.
“The Grand RV Sauna gives owners a spa-like environment everywhere their travels take them,” he said. “And from the manufacturer’s perspective, closets are not typically marketable spaces in an RV, but the Grand RV Sauna offers the option of a new, value-added amenity while maintaining the utility of a closet.”
Units come in single- or double-occupancy and are made from clear white wood that is virtually hypoallergenic. The Grand RV Sauna retails for $4,000-$5,000, based on the manufacturer and model selected.
“More consumers are searching for new ways to relax while using their RV, and we are always interested in the next best product that will add value to a vehicle,” said Matt Buckman, general manager at Dutchmen’s Colorado and Grand Junction group. “Grand Packaging has found an innovative way to repackage a traditional closet space to create a new and enjoyable experience for every RV owner.”